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Root Canal Therapy


Few terms in the dental industry conjure up fear like a root canal does. Thankfully, at Neilson Dental, it doesn't have to be that way. Our dentists have years of training, and care for patients with a level of gentleness and comfort unrivalled in the industry. Our list of services includes full root canal therapy to help repair your damaged teeth, without all of the pain and discomfort that you might be used to.


How Does It Work?

Inside of your tooth is something called the pulp, and it is there to help your tooth grow. If it should become inflamed or infected, then this can cause a lot of pain, discomfort, and other problems for the sufferer. It can cause deep decay, repeated trips to the dentist, or cracks in the tooth. It is important to have it treated immediately by trained professionals. A root canal treatment cleans inside of the tooth to help restore it back to normal. Our trained dentists will gently remove the pulp inside of your tooth, clean it, and then seal it so that it doesn't get infected again. From there, the pulp is replaced, a crown is set, and your tooth is back to normal.


Saving your tooth naturally is a great way to reduce pain, restore your chewing to normal, and protect the tooth from wearing and decaying. It will help you keep that great natural smile of yours, and will save you from trips to the dentist in the future. With our root canal treatment by the great dentists here at Neilson, your teeth will go back to being healthy and can extend their lives for years. Call us today or contact us on the web to find out how our root canal treatments can get your life back to normal today.


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